Our Policies

Swami Logistics Packers and Movers

Our Policies:

Privacy Policy:

Swami Logistics Packers and Movers still strive to provide the best possible service to their customers. In the field of relocation, we have been working beautifully and have been embedded in the minds of our clients for several years. We maintain full accountability for a strong privacy policy. As mentioned below, our Privacy Policy helps all to understand how we work.

Information Types:

Whenever someone makes an enquiry or calls us, we get his or her information as a part of our service system. The documents include their names, phone numbers or email addresses. We also store the IP address of the persons who use our page. We store pieces of information in order to build a customer database. It helps us to provide safe and troube-free services to our clients.

Information Usage:

We require the consumer’s permission before using the information furnished by them. It’s up to them to just let us have them. We are also very vigilant about the distribution of this material. We never give any unauthorized individual the details of any clients. There is no way, however, to pilfer your documents anyway. We store them for a year to the limit. We will then update them if necessary.

Change of Policy:

As soon as we change our policies or any particular policy, we duly inform the clients about them. There is no hidden agenda in our policies. Our policies are totally customer-friendly.

Other Policies:

(i) Working Policy: 

Swami Logistics Packers and Movers help the clients to shift their clients in a safe and smooth process. We maintain a planned and systematic policy to serve our clients. Our customer service team will contact you immediately when you call us. On a fixed date we’ll send our executives for a survey. Then we’ll start packing your articles with top quality packing materials. Since we use quality and required packaging materials to mark the items, a proper plan is required. We decide on the packing date and launch the work on that day. After it has been completed, we fix the time of loading of goods. Our packaging specialist team uses a lot of conventional and modern forms of packing the items. So, your valuables is free of any damage. You can trust on us. Only we can move you securely.

(ii) Payment Policy:

Swami Logistics Packers and Movers are always careful in monetary transactions. With our prices, you will always get us decent. We take our relocation charges full in advance. You can also hire our services for a 50 percent advance of the total cost of your order. Upon our timely delivery, we take the remaining amount from the clients. We are also very customer-friendly in the payment method. We serve our clients in a nice and smooth method.